Wire Binding Supplies 34 Ring

Wire Binding 34 Ring Supplies 3:1 Pitch

Wire Binding Coils 34 Ring 3:1 PitchMeter Wire Binding 34 Ring Supplies are designed for use with any 3:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machine and give a professional touch to your reports, submissions and presentations. As Wire Binding Combs come in various pitches or types it is important to make sure you are ordering the correct type of Wire for your Binding Machine. The 34 Ring denotes the number of holes that are punched on the long side of a sheet of A4 paper i.e. 34 holes. The 3:1 Pitch means that for every inch of paper there are 3 holes punched. Hence Wire Binding Supplies that are referred to as either 3:1 Pitch or 34 Ring effectively mean the same thing.

The Advantages of Wire Binding 34 Ring 3:1 Pitch Wire

Wire Binding CoilsWire Binding Coils 34 Ring are also known as Twin Loop Binding or Wire Binding Combs, and provide strong and permanent binding of documents. When books are bound with wire they lay fully flat when opened and pages can be completely reversed 360 degrees. This assists if the document needs to be photocopied or scanned. Robust even under intensive use, Wire bound documents last longer and the spines won’t become brittle with age. Wire Binding also provides extra security as pages can not easily be added or removed from the document without destroying it. Available in a range of colours, including Black, White, Blue, Red and Silver. Bind from 2 to 120 pages with six different sizes of wire to choose from. Wire Binding Coils 34 Ring give your presentations a Professional Image.

Wire Binding Sizes 34 Ring 3:1 Pitch

Click on the links below for pricing and more information on different Wire Binding Supplies 34 Ring sizes and colours.

6.4mm Wire Binding Coils      Binds up to 30 Sheets

8mm Wire Binding Coils         Binds up to 50 Sheets

9.5mm Wire Binding Coils      Binds up to 60 Sheets

11.1mm Wire Binding Coils     Binds up to 80 Sheets

12.7mm Wire Binding Coils     Binds up to 100 Sheets

14.3mm Wire Binding Coils     Binds up to 120 Sheets


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