Meter Australia Introduces New PeelGuard Feature On K-Sun LABELSHOP Label Printers

Meter Australia has released the latest K-Sun Labelshop Label Printers with the new revolutionary PeelGuard feature. K-Sun, a recognized leader in portable and desktop Industrial Electronic Label Printers, has developed a breakthrough in automatic label trimming. Designated PeelGuard, this new technology trims labels to a rounded corner format , virtually eliminating the corner lifting and peeling headaches often experienced with standard square edged labels. PeelGuard ensures higher industrial label durability than ever possible before by reducing the need to constantly replace labels that peel and thus saving users time and money. The new PeelGuard feature is available on the Ksun 2011XLB, 2011XLB-PC, 2012XLST, 2012XLST-PC and 2020LSTB Green Machine Label Printers.
Label corner curl is a big problem in areas where labels have to last in harsh environments. Square corners catch and curl when cleaned, rubbed or picked-destroying labels and costing time and money to replace. The exclusive PeelGuard tape cutting feature rounds corners for more permanent and better looking labels. Label peeling is not just a problem in Industrial applications. Schools who use Label printers know that younger students love nothing more than trying to peel off labels that have been stuck on shelves or even Library Books. The PeelGuard feature provides a solution to this problem by protecting labels and making them more durable.
Applications for this amazing new PeelGuard Label Printer Feature include Industrial Plants and Facility Management, Laboratories and Hospitals, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Warehousing and Storage, Government and Military, Automotive and Aerospace, Marine and Hostile Environments, in general office environments and in many other areas.
PeelGuard is a standard feature on the majority of Ksun Labelshop Label Printers. The Ksun Label Printer range offers a host of special features exclusive to Ksun. The Label Printers feature full Qwerty keyboards and large LCD display panels with more internal fonts and character storage memory than ever before. Users can create practically any type style, colour and size of labelling needed. Print labels, heat shrink tube labels or wire wrap labels. Ksun Label Printers are compact and lightweight for easy handling and come with complete kits that can be customised to users requirements. PC and stand alone models are available. Optional Label Printer features include DC 12V Auto and truck power adapters so machines can be used in the field remotely .

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