CB660 Comb Binding Machine For Use In Every Office

The CB660 Comb Binding Machine is a strong and reliable medium level office Binder. Capable of punching 18-20 sheets of 80 gsm paper, documents can be bound quickly due to this Comb Binding Machine’s ease of use. Bind booklets and presentations from 5 sheets to 375 sheets in content. This machine uses all available sizes in Plastic Binding Combs, from 6mm size right up to 51mm size. Strong all metal punching dies and binding mechanisms assist in the book binding process. Dual punching and binding handles enable the user to bind documents quickly by allowing larger combs to remain open as more pages are punched and added to the book. The CB660 Comb Binding Machine comes with a 12 month warranty.

The CB660 Comb Binding Machine also comes with many other useful features. A Margin Depth Adjuster comes standard with this machine. This allows you to determine how far from the edge of the page you want your punching holes to be (3mm – 8mm from edge of paper). For example with binding larger documents of over 150 pages you would adjust the margin further away from the page edge, say from 3mm to 6mm. This ensures that pages do not tear out due to the extra paper weight of the bound book. The machine also has a large waste paper tray to collect punched paper filings.

Another great feature of the CB660 Comb Binding Machine is the removable punching dies. On the front of the machine you can adjust seven of these punching mechanisms. This assists when binding smaller documents, for example A5 size booklets, and allows you to align the hole punches. Many of these extra features you would only expect to find on much larger and expensive Comb Binders, making the CB660 Comb Binding Machine exceptional value for money.

Meter Australia has been supplying quality Binding Machines and Binding Supplies to the Australian market since 1990. Our vast range includes Comb Binding, Wire Binding, Spiral Binding, Thermal Binding, Velobind and Strip Binding products. We offer a choice of Binding machines from small office models right up to large Print Room Electric Binder Models. As well as machines we have one of the largest ranges of Binding Supplies in Australia, including many different colour and size options in Comb, Wire and Binding Covers.

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