Metseal Self-Adhesive Book Covering

“Metseal” is a premium grade clear polypropylene self-adhesive Book Covering material that is ideal for Librarians who require an easy to use, high quality product. Manufactured in Europe, Metseal offers the user a far superior quality in Book Covering material without any extra cost. Highly durable and easy to use, Metseal is initially repositionable. This enables the correction of mistakes and the removal of air bubbles when covering books. Grid marked release paper helps in the covering process and allows easy alignment of books. A proven performer in Libraries, Metseal is perfect for small and large Book Covering jobs where ease of use and time become critical factors.

The Metseal Book Covering range is available in two different weights. Metseal 80 is an 80 micron thick film that is extremely popular when large numbers of books need covering. Metseal 100 is an 100 micron film that offers the user a slightly thicker covering for books and a more heavy duty form of protection – for example in Primary School Libraries. Both products are available in a range of different widths including 250mm, 300mm, 330mm, 375mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm. All rolls are 15 metres in length. Other sizes and lengths are available on request, depending on quantity required-please contact us for information and pricing.

Meter also sells 75mm wide rolls of the Metseal product that are perfect for use as a spine repair for books. It can be used to help reinforce Book hinges and also along the edges of Book Covers. This product has proved to be extremely popular with customers who are looking to make their books last longer in these times of budget cutbacks and limited resources. Metseal is also widely used by School English Departments to cover Junior Readers and take home text books. Using Metseal ensures that there is no discolouration or yellowing of books. Metseal Book Covering is manufactured from environmentally friendly materials using acid free adhesives.

Meter Australia has been supplying high quality Book Covering material to Australian Libraries for the past ten years. We have a proven track record when it comes to quality and great prices. As a result we have hundreds of customers at the School Library level, as well as many Council and State Government Library users. Our Library Products include Self Adhesive Book Covering, Non Adhesive Book Covering, Dust Jacket Book Covering Rolls, Matt Book Covering and Book Repair Tapes.

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