Binding Combs Binding Combs are the most popular form of in-house office binding used today due to their ease of use, economical pricing, availability and wide range of colours. It is also the oldest form of office binding, having been in use since the 1950’s. Meter Australia has a large range of Comb Binding Supplies and Binding Covers that can be used will all brands and models of Comb Binding Machines. The standard size for A4 Binding Combs is a 21 Ring Binding Comb, meaning that your page is punched with 21 holes.

Binding Combs Range of Sizes

Meter has one of the largest ranges of Binding Combs available, including 16 sizes and 11 colours. Click on the links below for more information on each Binding Combs size.

6mm Binding Combs      Binds up to 20 sheets

8mm Binding Combs      Binds up to 35 sheets

10mm Binding Combs    Binds up to 50 sheets

11mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 65 sheets

12mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 70 sheets

14mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 80 sheets

15mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 90 sheets

20mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 115 sheets

22mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 140 sheets

25mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 180 sheets

28mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 200 sheets

32mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 230 sheets

38mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 280 sheets

45mm Binding Combs     Binds up to 325  sheets

51mm Binding Combs      Binds up to 375 sheets


How to use Binding Combs

Binding Combs are used in conjunction with a Comb Binding Machine. Pages are punched and then the Binding Comb is placed on the Binding Machine Comb opener so the comb can be inserted into the punched holes. The comb opener is then closed and the document is bound. With most good quality Comb Binding Machines large documents can be bound by leaving the comb open and punching sheets and continuing to insert pages. Comb Binding Covers can also be used to protect the front and back of your document.

Binding Combs are available in a Large range of Colours

Black Binding Combs

Blue Binding Combs

White Binding Combs

Red Binding Combs

Green Binding Combs

Clear Binding Combs

Maroon Binding Combs

Navy Blue Binding Combs

Yellow Binding Combs

Brown Binding Combs

Grey Binding Combs



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