Meter Manual Comb Binding Machines


A Meter Comb Binding Machine offers the user one of the easiest methods of binding available for document presentation. Comb Binding is also very cost effective. Comb Binding allows documents to lay flat when open and pages can be easily added or removed. When used in conjunction with plastic comb binding coils documents ranging from 5 sheets to 425 sheets can be bound together, as with the Meter Heavy Duty Manual CB650 Comb Binding Machine.

Comb Binding Machine Range

A Comb Binding Machine can come in a range of different sizes . The main difference between models is how many sheets of paper can be punched at once. Another difference between Comb Binding Machine models is how they are constructed. A solid steel Comb Binding Machine will generally last longer than a smaller plastic bodied machine as the punching and binding mechanisms are stronger and can punch more sheets. Every Meter Comb Binding Machine comes with a standard 12 month warranty.

Meter CB650 Comb Binding Machine-Heavy Duty

Comb Binding Machine

Our most popular Comb Binding Machine . Solid metal construction with dual punching and binding mechanisms for faster comb binding. Punches 25 sheets of 80gsm paper. Suits small to large office environments. Click here for more information on the Meter CB650 Comb Binding Machine.


 Meter CB660 Comb Binding Machine-Medium Volume

CB660 Comb Binding MachineThe Comb Binding Machine to suit every office. Ideal for any office that requires a medium volume of comb binding . Solid steel construction can punch 18-20 sheets of 80 gsm paper.Dual Punching and Binding merchanisms. Click here for more information on the Meter CB660 Comb Binding Machine.


Meter CB670 Comb Binding Machine-Smaller Volume

CB670 Comb Binding Machine

A Smaller Comb Binding Machine but with all the extra features of larger Binding Machines is the Meter CB670 Comb Binding Machine for small to medium volume use. Punches 15-18 sheets of 80 gsm paper with dual punch and bind mechanisms. Easy to use – suits any office. Click here for more information on the Meter CB670 Comb Binding Machine.



Meter CB680 Comb Binding Machine – Office

CB680 Comb Binding Machine

The CB680 Office Comb Binding Machine is a reliable medium volume Comb Binder that punches 18- 20 sheets of 80gsm paper. Binds up to 375+ page documents- using all sizes of Binding Combs from 6mm to 51mm diameter. This machine has removable punching dies for binding different size documents, such as A5 size. Seperate handle for opening Binding Combs speeds up the Binding process. Margin depth adjuster and large volume paper waste tray. 12 months warranty.Click here for more information on the Meter CB680 Comb Binding Machine