Meter Waterproof Paper For Extreme Conditions

Meter Waterproof Paper is a specially manufactured synthetic paper that has been designed for use in harsh conditions. It is heat resistant, tear resistant, puncture resistant, archival and most importantly 100% waterproof. This durability has made the Meter Duracopy one of the most widely used Waterproof Paper stocks available today. It is used by a large variety of customers in Mining, Horticultural, Aquatic, Transport Signage, Aquacultural Industries, Fisheries, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and hundreds of other customer applications-from mining in the Pilbara to Australian Antarctic Expeditions. Meter Waterproof paper can be used for manuals, plans, maps, price sheets, instruction sheets, tags, menus and many other uses.
One of the most important features of Meter Waterproof paper is its ease of use in the printing or copying process. Due to it being specially coated it will feed through any Laser Printer or Copier- including colour models. You can print one sheet at a time or stack feed multiple sheets in the paper tray. Unlike other brands of Waterproof Paper, Meter Duracopy feeds well and won’t jam in your machine ensuring hassle free printing. Even in high speed Digital Copiers Meter Waterproof Paper works extremely well and it can also be printed on both sides of the sheet. Due to the large number of Copier and Laser Printer Models in the market, Meter Australia had to ensure that our Waterproof paper would work well in all printer models. Many newer model Digital Laser Printers operate at higher temperatures than Laser Printers that were manufactured five to ten years ago. They also have higher page prints per minute, so it is essential that the Waterproof Paper feeds well and has good toner adhesion.
Meter waterproof paper can survive in any weather condition. Users are able to write on the product in the rain using a pencil or pen. Great for printing maps that need to be re-used.

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