Kroy Labelling Tapes and Label Printers

Meter Australia stocks a full range of Kroy Label cartridge supplies to suit both current Kroy machines and older Kroy Label Printer models. Kroy manufactures a range of Industrial Labelmakers as well as Speciality Identification Products and has one of the largest ranges of supplies available. Choose from Polyester Industrial Labels, Cast Vinyl Labels, Self-Laminating Wire Wrap and Heat Shrink Tube Labelling supplies. Meter also distributes Kroy 240 series Labelling Tape to suit older Kroy Label Printers such as the Label’r, 240SE, and 244RS models. A good range of tape supplies still exists for these popular and reliable Label Printers. All these 240 series tapes are laminated to enhance appearance and protect your label and are 15 metres in length ( 50ft ) which are double the length of most other Label Printer supplies.

Kroy’s K5100 Label Printer is a versatile and portable printer ideal for engineers, electricians, network installers etc. It prints Shrink Tubing, self-laminating cable markers and industrial label tapes- onsite and on demand. Available with rechargeable batteries, you can create individually prepared barcodes and labels which are hard wearing and easy to read. The machine comes with an impact jacket for protection in harsh environments. Other features include 300 DPI print resolution and auto sensors that detect the cartridge media. This Kroy Label Printer will work with all of Kroy’s K-series Label Tapes and media.

The Kroy range of Polyester Industrial Labels allow you to identify everything from terminal blocks, machinery and component identification to company files. Ideal for flat ,smooth surfaces these labels come in a variety of colours and sizes. For rough and irregular surfaces you can use Kroy Cast Vinyl Labels. Great for curved surfaces and marking pipes. Kroy Cast Vinyl is tough and flexible with excellent conformability. Both these label tape ranges are UV, chemical, water and abrasion resistant with up to 7 years exterior life.

Kroy Heat Shrink Tube Labels are used for the Electrical Identification of wire and cable. Continuous heat shrink tubing provides the most professional, durable and permanent ID for Electrical and Computer installations. Create multiple sleeves in the length of your choice- using one cartridge. These Kroy Shrink Tube Labels meet MIL specs and other standards. Kroy Self Laminating Wire Wrap Labels are used to identify terminated wires or new installs. The laminated tail protects printed information from solvents, moisture and assure a professional look for any wire or cable.

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