Monsoon Paper A3-150 Gsm 500 Sheet

MP15A35 – Monsoon A3 Heavyweight Weatherproof Paper-150 Gsm (Box 500 Sheets)

Monsoon A3 Heavyweight Weatherproof Paper 150 Gsm – Pkt 500 sheets. Tearproof-Water Resistant-Grease Resistant-Durable-Archival. Suitable for Digital Copiers, Laser Printers (Colour and Mono), offset and plan printing.

Monsoon A3 Weatherproof PaperMeter Monsoon Paper is the only uncoated paper that offers the water and tear resistant properties of synthetic paper, yet prints with the ease of conventional paper. The result of a patented paper/film/paper laminating process – Monsoon Paper provides the user with incredible durability for an economic price.

Great for Maps, Maintenance sheets/books, Instruction Manuals, Plans and Technical Drawings, Menus, tags and any application where there is a need for long-lasting performance.

Monsoon paper is ideal for use in the mining, forestry, agricultural, electrical ,
defence and research industries as well as recreational activities in wet or extreme environments.(eg.Fishing, Scouting, Orienteering)

Contact Meter for samples and try to tear it.

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