K-Sun 2011XLB Label Printer

K-Sun 2011XLB Label Printer

The K-Sun Labelshop 2011XLB is an affordable Industrial Label Printer with revolutionary new features-Including the new PeelGuard Label Trimmer option that allows you to round corner your labels on demand providing greater peeling protection and more professional looking labels.

K-Sun 2011XLB Label Printer

With a larger Qwerty style keyboard and a bigger LCD panel for easier text entry the 2011XLB Printer offers new thermal transfer print technology for more durable labels that resist fading, scratching, moisture, heat, chemicals, UV exposure and cleaning fluids.The 2011XLB prints 8 lines of Label Text, stores 5000 characters/99 files with 14 fonts and 6 Barcode formats as well as multiple inbuilt Industrial, Safety and Office Symbols. Makes Labels up to 4″ Wide. Also available with Truck / Auto Adapter (optional) for remote use on site.

Our Price $438.90

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Ksun 2011XLB & 2011XLB-PC Label Printer

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