5mm Blue Slide Binders

5mm Blue Slide Binders

S05BLA4 5mm Blue Slide Binders A4 Box 100


5mm Blue Slide BindersMeter 5mm Blue Slide Binders give your Documents a professionally bound appearance in seconds, without the need for a Binding Machine or Hole Punching. Slide Binding allows easy insertion and removal of pages as required. Also known as Slide Binder Bars, Slide Binders are a great way to cover stapled documents so that they look neater and won’t crush in the mail. 5mm Blue Slide Binders have a sheet capacity of 1 to 30 sheets of 80gsm paper and are A4 size.


5mm Blue Slide Binders are Environmentally Friendly.

Due to Slide Binders ease of use and the ability to remove from a document, they can be used over and over again. Unlike other forms of Binding Supplies that are discarded, 5mm Blue Slide Binders can be re-used on new presentations and booklets saving you time, money and resources.


Our Price : $44.00

Code : S05BLA4



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