A3 Translucent Waterproof Labels

A3 Translucent Waterproof Labels for Copiers and Laser Printers –with Frosted Clear Finish


Meter Translucent Waterproof Labels-Frosted Clear

Meter A3 Translucent Waterproof Labels are designed to be printed easily through any Copier or Laser Printer and have a see-through Frosted Clear Finish. These tough Labels are ideal for use in hot, cold, humid and greasy environments. Waterproof Labels are perfect for creating long lasting, quick outdoor or warning signage that is both Waterproof and Tear Resistant. A3 Translucent Waterproof Labels are perfect for Warning Labels, Right-To-Know Signage and overlays where additional informational needs to be added to a sign. These Translucent adhesive labels are designed for tough conditions, and offer wet-rub and scratch resistant qualities. Perfect for short run or individual Labels, Plans and schematics, Meter A3 Translucent Waterproof Labels are an economical alternative to expensive long run vinyl stickers.

A3 Translucent Waterproof Labels        Our Price $216.70   ( $197.00 + gst )

A3 Size Box 50 Sheets


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