Hardcover – Rigid Book Covering FoolScap

Meter Hardcover – Rigid Bookcover FoolScap Clear 250 mic-240mm x 315mm (100pcs) 

Self adhesive Vinyl that turns a soft cover paperback into a hardcover book.

Meter Hardcover Rigid Book CoveringMeter Foolscap Hardcover is a 250 micron semi-rigid self adhesive vinyl with a backing sheet. The product is applied to the front and backs of the book and then the spine and book edges are covered with the 75mm self adhesive film. The product is U.V. stabilized and won’t yellow with age. TURN A SOFT COVER PAPERBACK INTO A HARDCOVER.Provides great protection and extends the life of text books.

Our Price: $110.00 + gst   ( $121.00 inc gst )

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