28.6mm White Wire Binding Coils – 100’s

WWH282  28.6mm(1 1/8″) White Wire Binding Coils 2:1 Pitch 23 Ring Qty 100 -Binds up to 240 Sheets

Wire Binding Coils 23 Ring 2:1 PitchMeter 28mm White Wire Binding Coils create a professional looking and secure document. Meter 28.6mm 2:1 wire can be used with all brands of 2:1 pitch Wire Binding Machines. 28.6mm White Wire Binding Coils create a unique permanent binding system that ensures your document lays flat when open. Also known as Wiro Binding ,Twin Loop Binding or Double Loop Wire Binding, Meter 28mm White Wire Binding Coils are made from premium quality materials and are available in qty’s of 100 (Also sold in boxes of 50pcs).

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