PVBK Black A4 Polypropylene Binding Covers 600 Micron

PVBK Black A4 Polypropylene Binding Covers 600 Micron (Pkt 50)

Meter Black A4 Polypropylene Binding Covers 600 micron (Pkt 50) are heavy duty, durable report covers. Use for backs on documents bound with Combs, Wire & other binding systems. Use PVBK Black A4 Polypropylene Binding Covers 600 micron to provide extra protection for your documents and presentations.

PVBK Black A4 Polypropylene Binding Covers 600 MicronPVBK Black A4 Polypropylene Binding Covers are made to last

PVBK Black A4 Polypropylene Binding Covers  are extra thick 600 micron Binding Covers that give your documents a professional look. Suitable for Comb, Wire, Coil, Strip and Velobind Binding Systems. Consider using Meter Black A4 Polypropylene Binding Covers on the front and back of your documents to protect & enhance your presentation. Black Polypropylene Binding Covers won’t crease and give your report a rigid backing.

Meter Black A4 Polypropylene Binding Covers are made from environmentally friendly materials and can be recycled. Great for Instruction Manuals and reports that need to be used in the workplace. Other sizes can be cut to requirement (phone or email for pricing). Round Cornering also available.

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